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Middle East and North Africa

  1. Climate risk report for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

    Research reports

  2. Adolescents’ experiences of Covid-19 and the public health response in Jordan

    Briefing/policy papers

  3. Three ways to maintain Lebanon’s ‘fragile peace’ and rebuild Beirut

  4. Covid-19's impact on supply chains hits African trade hard, with GDP shrinking for the first time in twenty-five years

    Press Release

  5. Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture in Recurrent and Protracted Crisis (SPARC)


  6. ODI MED: towards peace and sustainability in the Mediterranean region


  7. Expert Platform on Gender and Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism in North Africa


  8. Armed groups responses to the Covid-19 crisis


  9. Building trust, not tracking, should be the cornerstone of Covid-19 debt relief

  10. The ‘youth burden’ needs a new narrative and how we respond to Covid-19 in conflict zones can change it

  11. Countering the caliphate in North Africa: three expert views on gender and the need for collective action

  12. Developmental Regimes in Africa


  13. Protection of displaced Libyans: risks, responses and border dynamics

    Working papers

  14. Lessons from the African Continental Free Trade Area

  15. Investing in financial inclusion for climate resilience and adaptation: the role of Islamic financial services

    Briefing/policy papers

  16. Prospects for LGBTQI+ rights worldwide in 2019

  17. Stories from G20 countries: shifting public money out of fossil fuels

    Working papers

  18. Africa’s secessionism: a breakdance of aspiration, grievance, performance and disenchantment

    Research reports

  19. African Development Bank's landmark deal opens door to scaling up multilateral lending

  20. Disaster Risk Reduction and violent conflict in Africa and Arab states: implications for the Sendai Framework priorities

    Briefing/policy papers