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Middle East and North Africa

  1. Yemen Economic Analysis Project (YEAP)

  2. The conversation on Covid-19 and peace-building in the Middle East and North Africa must change

  3. Adolescents’ experiences of Covid-19 and the public health response in Jordan

  4. Three ways to maintain Lebanon’s ‘fragile peace’ and rebuild Beirut

  5. Covid-19's impact on supply chains hits African trade hard, with GDP shrinking for the first time in twenty-five years

  6. Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture in Recurrent and Protracted Crisis (SPARC)

  7. ODI MED: towards peace and sustainability in the Mediterranean region

  8. Expert Platform on Gender and Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism in North Africa

  9. Armed groups responses to the Covid-19 crisis

  10. Building trust, not tracking, should be the cornerstone of Covid-19 debt relief

  11. The ‘youth burden’ needs a new narrative and how we respond to Covid-19 in conflict zones can change it

  12. Infographic: human mobility in Lagos, Tunis and Nairobi

  13. Countering the caliphate in North Africa: three expert views on gender and the need for collective action

  14. Developmental Regimes in Africa

  15. Protection of displaced Libyans: risks, responses and border dynamics

  16. Lessons from the African Continental Free Trade Area

  17. Investing in financial inclusion for climate resilience and adaptation: the role of Islamic financial services

  18. Prospects for LGBTQI+ rights worldwide in 2019

  19. Stories from G20 countries: shifting public money out of fossil fuels

  20. Africa’s secessionism: a breakdance of aspiration, grievance, performance and disenchantment