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The Performance of the Seed Sector in Malawi: An Analysis of the Influence of Organisational Structure

Research reports

Research reports

In this, the first study of the seed sector in Malawi, the authors assess the sector's performance with respect to a range of national development functions and evaluate the operational efficiency of the major seed sector institutions, examining the extent to which current sector performance is also determined by exogenous factors. They conclude with recommendations for short-term and long-term adjustments necessary for the seed sector to fulfil its intended role in Malawi's agricultural development.

The research project is divided in 3 parts: firstly, documentary evidence from a wide range of seed sector projects and programmes in Asia, Africa and Latin America was used to create a conceptual framework for analysing the influence of organisational structure on seed sector performance.

Secondly, field work investigation in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe used this conceptual framework to reach country specific conclusions.

Finally, authors examined the applicability of these country specific results to the overall research objectives.

Elizabeth Cromwell and Batson Zambezi