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Social Forestry Network papers 1985–1987



Social forestry network papers from 1985 to 1987. Articles featured in these issues include:

  • Social Forestry In 1985: Lessons Learnt and Topics to be addressed by Gill Shepherd
  • Farm and Community Forestry by Gerald Foley and Geoffrey Barnard
  • The success of Vanuatu's local supply plantation programme in meeting the needs of the nation and its communities by Julian Gayfer
  • Social Forestry Research Issues: preliminary problem identification in North-East Thailand by Napoleon Vergara, Charit Tingsabadh, Kersten Johnson, Varun Vidyarthi and Richard Bowen
  • Aerial photographs and thematic maps for Social Forestry by Jeff Fox
  • The Social Forestry policy design framework: the Hill areas of Uttar Pradesh by Mukul Sanwal
  • A hundred recent journal articles on Social Forestry edited by Asmeen Khan
  • Comparative Ecology of Pastoral Livestock in Baringo, Kenya by K M Homewood and A V Hurst
  • The Reluctant Spouse and the Illegitimate Slave: Marriage, Household Formation and Demographic Behaviour Amongst Malian Tamesheq from the Niger Delta and the Gourma by Sara Randall and Mike Winter
  • Limiting Livestock Pressure on Public Rangeland in Niger by G K Perrier
  • Notes on Implementation of a Small-Holder Cattle Fattening Co-operative Scheme in Northern Nigeria by Simon White
  • Forest Policy and Forest Polities by Gill Shepherd
  • Managing Indian Forests: a case for the reform of property rights by Simon Commander
  • Forestry for Rural Development in Zimbabwe by John Casey and Kay Muir
  • Land Tenure and Agroforestry in the Dominican Republic by Isabel de Ceara
  • Mali as a case study of forest policy in the Sahel: institutional constrains on Social Forestry by Chun Lai and Asmeen Khan
  • Letting the Piper Call the Tune : Experimenting With Different Forestry Extension Methods in the Northern Sudan by Matthew S Gamser
  • Forestry Extension Training in Somalia by Des Mahony.
  • Microplanning for Social Forestry: A Description of the System Designed for Karnataka Social Forestry Project, India by P D Hardcastle
  • The Management of People's Participation in Community Forestry: Some Issues by D Sen and P K Das
  • Forestry Extension : A Review of Key Issues by Julia Falconer
  • Trees to Meet Contingencies : Savings and Security for the Rural Poor by Robert Chambers and Melissa Leach
  • Approaches to Social Forestry In Western India: Some Aspects of NGO Experience by Parmesh Shah and Andrew Weir
  • Involving the Poor in Forest Management: Can it be Done? The Nepal-Australia Project Experience by Mary Hobley
  • Household Food Security, Tree Planting and the Poor : The Case of Gujarat by Richard Longhurst
  • Gains from Social Forestry : Lessons from West Bengal by Tushaar Shah
  • Commons, Trees and the Poor in the Uttar Pradesh Hills by N C Saxena
  • Workshop Synthesis: discussion and outcome by Gill Shepherd.