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Review of international assistance to political party and party system development - Nigeria

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Written by Pilar Domingo

In theory, political parties play a central role within well-functioning democracies, aggregating and representing citizens’ interests and formulating policy agendas that can respond to citizens’ concerns. In practice, in many countries – especially developing countries – political parties are weak and disconnected from the policy process, and struggle to connect with or represent citizens and their interests. Despite these understandable sensitivities about intervening in processes that are clearly political, donors are increasingly aware that political parties need to be part of the jigsaw of effective governance, and are in the process of working out how best to provide support for political parties and party systems.

This research examines what more effective support in this field might look like, and provides operational recommendations moving forward. This country case study examines donor support to political parties in Nigeria.

Pilar Domingo and Clement Nwankwo