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Poverty and wellbeing before and during Covid-19 in Cambodia: An assessment of trends and correlates

Working paper

Written by Vidya Diwakar, Tony Mwenda Kamninga

Working paper

This study investigates factors affecting welfare prior to and during Covid-19. It employs analysis of the Cambodia Living Standards Measurement - Plus Survey 2019/20 data, alongside five rounds of the Covid-19 High Frequency Phone Surveys between May 2020 and March 2021 to assess socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic.

The results point to areas for policy and programming focus, including helping to narrow development gaps by area of residence alongside a regional levelling up focused on the Tonle Sap region. Alternatives to borrowing as a coping strategy are also worth considering, as well as improvements in inclusive access and quality of financial services to help mitigate the adverse consequences of indebtedness. In addition, there is a need to focus attention on children who have missed out on school and learning, particularly in poorer households.

Authors: Vidya Diwakar and Vathana Roth, with Tony Kamninga