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Vidya Diwakar

  • Equity and Social Policy
Portrait of Vidya Diwakar

Vidya Diwakar is a mixed-methods researcher in the Chronic Poverty Advisory Network, with 10 years of experience working in development research at universities and think tanks. Her work focuses on gender-disaggregated drivers of sustained escapes from poverty, and the role of armed conflict in creating poverty traps.

Vidya has authored and reviewed journal articles, book chapters and reports on human development, conflict, and poverty dynamics in South and Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and the MENA region. She has also led various policy-oriented multi-country, multi-year, and multi-partner research projects on poverty dynamics for international organizations and bi-lateral aid agencies.

  1. Inclusive, Sustainable Economic Transformation


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  4. Report: Resilient Generation: supporting young people’s prospects for decent work in the drylands of east and west Africa

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