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Moving away from aid: the experience of Chile

Research reports

Written by Annalisa Prizzon

Hero image description: Cable car over Santiago, Chile Image credit:Rob Cousins/Panos Pictures

Chile’s development assistance landscape includes a low dependency on aid flows and fully restored relationships with 'developed' countries following its transition to democracy in the early 1990s. Chile has experienced the transition from aid in full, completing this process with its formal graduation from the list of overseas development assistance (ODA) eligible countries in January 2018.

This report analyses how Chile managed its transition from aid, the type of cooperation the country had expected from development partners since the early 1990s, and the future of development cooperation beyond ODA.

The Chile study forms part of a larger project that sets out to investigate country experiences of and key lessons from the transition and graduation from ODA. The other country studies are Botswana, Mexico and the Republic of Korea.

Cable car over Santiago, Chile
Rachael Calleja and Annalisa Prizzon