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Mongolia: readiness for climate finance

Research report

Written by Merylyn Hedger

Research report

While everyone is on the same learning curve, there is an emerging understanding of the capacities and processes that might be expected in order for Monglia to directly access external funds. This report reviews the current capacity of the Monglian government, assessing theor strnegths and weaknesses.

The report suggests a route map that in the short term creates an informal working group is tasked with developing a package with Ministries which can operate as an NIE, as a first stage. Over time, formal institutionalisation can take place to the NIE. This approach would work with the new Government’s current desire not to create new institutions and funding mechanisms. In addition, there could be a co-development of arrangements with the GCF which is yet to get established. Right now, for 2013, the focus could be on accessing current funds, including bilateral donors and the CIFs.

Merylyn Hedger