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Maximising the impact of youth entrepreneurship support in different contexts - consultation findings

Working papers

Written by Claudia Pompa

Working papers

​ODI were engaged to conduct a study reviewing a broad range of sector evidence and experience in order to produce a user-friendly youth entrepreneurship contexts framework to guide decision making.

During Phase I of the project, ODI developed an initial framework and toolkit for prioritising and adapting interventions by context. The recommendations developed were based on an analysis of the top priority binding constraints in different contexts and an assessment of how best to tackle those constraints, in order to develop recommendations for which youth entrepreneurship support initiatives should be prioritised by context.

The initial framework and toolkit required further validation by experts and practitioners in the field, both in terms of the analysis of the binding constraints by context and in relation to the interventions and adaptations that were recommended. Thus during Phase II of the project a sector wide consultation was conducted.

This report discusses the consultation findings.

At ODI: Karen Ellis, Claudia Pompa