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Claudia Pompa

Research Officer

Portrait of Claudia Pompa
  1. Five ways to strengthen youth entrepreneurship

  2. Building paths for youth entrepreneurship

    Research reports

  3. Building pathways for youth entrepreneurship


  4. Jobs for the future

    Research reports

  5. Putting employment at the centre of economic transformation


  6. Cross-sector collaboration: unlocking youth potential

  7. The Union of Myanmar Travel Association - Case Study

    Research reports

  8. The Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Report - Case Study

    Research reports

  9. ODI’s submission to the European Commission consultation: strengthening the role of the private sector in achieving inclusive and sustainable growth in developing countries

  10. Business engagement to promote quality vocational training in Vietnam

    Research reports

  11. Understanding challenge funds

    Research reports

  12. Maximising the impact of youth entrepreneurship support in different contexts - consultation findings

    Working papers

  13. How to ... tailor youth entrepreneurship programmes for success

  14. Paraguay: what does Cartes' victory mean?

  15. Lessons learned on enterprise mentoring, with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa


  16. Youth entrepreneurship: A contexts framework

    Working papers