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Learning from AMEC's Oil and Gas Asset Support Operations in the Asia Pacific Region, with case-study of the Shell Malampaya Gas-to-Power Project: Report 1- Local Economic and Social Performance in Low to Medium Income Regions

Research report

Research report

Engineering services contractors provide engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance services to the oil and gas sector. Engineering services contractors have traditionally not been involved in managing the social performance of oil and gas project operations. This report argues that there is a great opportunity for contractors to become engaged in managing social impacts and improving social performance of projects and client-led operations. In most cases, it is contractors who are on the ground and in direct contact with communities throughout the lifecycle of oil and gas projects.  This report looks at the case for the AMEC-Fluor joint venture and the wider engineering services contractor sector – to become more involved in managing the social impacts and performance of oil and gas projects.

Michael Warner, Petter Matthews, Ian Neal, Jennifer Stuttle and Camilla Herd