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Irrigation Management Network papers 1991–1992



The Irrigation Management Network represents a world-wide network of researchers and administrators interested in the issues of irrigation management and irrigation schemes. This series of papers covers 1991–1992.

Articles featured in these issues include:

  • Groundwater Development on Madura, Indonesia: Gender Issues in an Irrigation Project by Margaret Casey
  • Development of Water User Associations on the Madura Groundwater Irrigation Project, Indonesia by Robert Jackson
  • National Pump Irrigation Study: Material Developed During Inception Activities, January 14 – 8 February by Effendi Pasandaran
  • Assessment of Conjunctive Use in Maharashtra Minor Irrigation Systems by T S Sheng, et al.
  • Conjunctive Water Use for Irrigation: Good Theory, Poor Practice by Linden Vincent and Peter Dempsey
  • News from the Field - Groundwater Development and Lift Irrigation from Tunisia, Mali, Sub-Saharan Africa, Bangladesh and South India

News from the field:

  • Study on Rationalising Groundwater Use by Electrification of Shallow Wells by Atatiri Boutiti Raqya
  • Developing Village Lift Irrigation in Mali by Souleymane Dembeley
  • Groundwater Development for Small-Scale Irrigation in Sub-Saharan Africa by Richard Carter
  • Groundwater Markets in Rayalaseema: A Note by V Ratna Reddy and B C Barah
  • Groundwater Development and Depletion: Prospects and Problems in a Pocket Area of Bangladesh by M S U Talukder, M Ahmed and M A Mojid
  • Groundwater Development and Management in the Critical Areas ofAndhra Pradesh, Kamataka and Tamil Nadu States of South India by D S K Rao
  • A Proposed Action Programme to Maintain Groundwater Levels and Achieve Sustainable Agriculture in Tamil Nadu by R K Sivanappan
  • Promoting a Smallholder-Centred Approach to Irrigation: Lessons from Village Irrigation Schemes in the Senegal River Valley by Geert Diemer, Boubacar Fall and Frans P Huibers
  • Structural Adjustment and Irrigated Agriculture in Senegal by Philip Woodhouse and Ibrahima Ndiaye
  • Large-Scale Irrigation Schemes in Northern Cameroon: Development and Disengagement by Achille Bikoi
  • Design and Operation of a Small Irrigation Project in Zimbabwe to Minimise Schistosomiasis Transmission by M Chimbari, R J Chitsiko, P Bolton, and A J Thomson
  • How to Turn Over Irrigation Systems to Farmers? Questions and Decisions in Indonesia by Bryan Bruns and Sudar Dwi Atmanto; From Practice to Policy: Agency and NGO in Indonesia's Programme to Turn Over Small Irrigation Systems to Farmers by Bryan Bruns and Irchamni Soelaiman
  • Variation in Interventions, Variation in Results: Assistance to FMIS in Nepal by Ganesh Shivakoti
  • The Equity Impact of Deep Tubewells: Evidence from the IDA Deep Tubewell II Project by Mark Aeron-Thomas
  • News from the Field – A Collection of Short Papers from Rwanda, Malawi and Sudan
  • Planning for Housing in Irrigation Settlement Schemes in Kenya: Ahero and West Kano Schemes by Dr Joyce Malombe
  • Contract Farming and Rice Growers in The Gambia by Dr Judith Carney
  • Irrigation and the Soninke People: Organisational and Management Problems: Current Situation and Prospects by M Georges Diawara
  • Integrating Small Scale Irrigation Development with the Existing Agricultural System: A Case Study of Small Holder Swamp Rice Schemes in Sierra Leone by Dr Karlheinz Knickel
  • Crop-Based Irrigation in Pakistan: Initial Efforts in the North West Frontier Province by D J Bandaragoda and Carlos Garces-Restrepo
  • Users, Operators and Hydraulic Structures: A Case of Irrigation Management in Western Mexico by Pieter van der Zaag
  • The Command Area Development Programme in India: A Policy Perspective by M V K Sivamohan and Christopher A Scott
  • Irrigation Panchayats in Madhya Pradesh: A Case Study by K V Raju
  • Evaluating Irrigation System Performance with Measures of Irrigation Efficiencies by Leslie E Small