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Interventions of CSOs towards the First Youth Policy of Pakistan

Research report

Research report

This case study highlights the process and interventions by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to motivate the Government of Pakistan to develop the country's first ever youth policy. The history of the National Youth Policy (NYP) is one of steps forward and backwards. So far, four drafts of the NYP have been prepared: in 1989, 1993, 2002 and 2004. The NYP draft prepared in 1989 wasn't presented to the Cabinet, and was only issued to the press on 21 June 1989. The second draft of the NYP (1993) was prepared by a foreign consultant, but not presented to the Cabinet. The third draft was prepared in 2002, and was successfully presented to the Cabinet for its approval. It was considered by the Cabinet which suggested some changes. The current NYP draft was prepared in December 2004, and has yet to be presented to the Cabinet.

Zahid Shahab