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Independent review of the IPC in Somalia

Research reports

Written by Margie Buchanan-Smith, Jane Cocking, Zainab Moallin

Hero image description: Map of Africa with Somalia highlighted Image license:CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

An independent review of the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) process in Somalia was launched in June 2023, in response to concerns raised by five donor agencies funding the IPC. The overall aim of the review is to improve the effectiveness of the IPC as the key source of food security information and analysis in Somalia for humanitarian decision-making. This includes recognising and respecting the multi-stakeholder, consensus-building essence of the IPC, and its global ‘gold standard’ status.

This is a review of IPC processes rather than a technical review, addressing three key questions:

1) How effectively is the IPC data analysis process being carried out, to achieve consensus?

2) How effectively are IPC results for Somalia communicated, in order to inform and guide humanitarian decision-making, and how could this be strengthened?

3) How effective is the current governance, leadership, and management of the IPC process in Somalia?

The review is of the IPC at national level in Somalia, focused on IPC analyses since the end of 2021 during the recent and prolonged drought. Part A, conducted in June/July 2023, answered questions 1 and 2, with recommendations to inform and improve the 2023 post-gu IPC analysis in August 2023. Part B, carried out in September/October 2023, answered question 3. This report provides the findings, conclusions and recommendations in response to all three questions.

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22 November 2023: page 2 was amended to include disclaimer text.