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Margie Buchanan-Smith

Senior Research Associate

  • Humanitarian Policy Group
Portrait of Margie Buchanan-Smith

Margie Buchanan-Smith has over 30 years’ experience of working in the humanitarian aid sector, as a policy researcher, practitioner, evaluator and coach. Throughout that period she has been working on food security issues, especially early warning and humanitarian information systems; supporting livelihoods and trade in conflict contexts; and migration. She is a leading evaluator in the humanitarian aid sector and co-authored the guide to evaluation of humanitarian action, published by ALNAP in 2016. Her geographical area of expertise is the Horn of Africa; she has deep and long-term knowledge of Sudan and of South Sudan. Margie is also a Visiting Fellow at the Feinstein International Center of Tufts University, and a Fellow of the Rift Valley Institute.

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