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Gender-transformative approaches: good practices and future frontiers

Briefing/policy paper

Written by Ján Michalko, Aatif Somji

Image credit:Jack_the_sparow / Shutterstock

The Government of Ireland supports gender-transformative approaches through its foreign and development policy as a route to advancing gender equality. Recognising the innovative work of its partners and missions, Irish Aid commissioned ODI to lead a collaborative research and learning project, bringing together civil society, governmental and international organisations, and mission staff from the occupied Palestinian territory, Sierra Leone and Tanzania to identify how the Government of Ireland and other donors can enhance the use of gender-transformative approaches.

The key findings of this collaborative research and learning project are distilled in this policy brief. They include the good practices identified across five gender-transformative strategies, and five systems-level ‘enablers’: practices and policies that donors can implement to enable the effective use of gender-transformative approaches.