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Effective policies and programming to promote adolescent well-being: Lessons from the background papers

Research reports

Written by Nicola Jones

This paper summarises key lessons from 13 background papers prepared for the series of multi-stakeholder consultations on programming to promote adolescent well-being that will be held by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH) in May and June 2021. The background papers were drafted by leading global experts in adolescent well-being.

The background papers and their key lessons were directly informed by the views of adolescents (10-19 years), young adults (20-29 years) and representatives of youth-led networks and organisations. This was achieved through nine youth consultations held in 2020 across all the regions of the world (BP 2); through young adults being co-authors of each of the 15 background papers; and through a young adult being one of the independent reviewers of each of the papers before their finalisation.

Authors: Ross, D.A., Hinton, R., Kostelecky, S., Jacome, D.I., Bustreo, F. and Mohan, A. with Fagan, L., Sheehan, P., Rasmussen, B., Baltag, V., Blum, B., Thomsen, S., Engel, D., Vidyarthi, S.A., Vijayaraghavan, J., Armstrong, C., Bibi, A., Livesey, A., Kostelecky, S., Ross, D.A., Guthold, R., Newby, H., Karl, L., Singh, N.S., Baird, S., Jones, N., McGushin, A. and Costello, A.