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Designing public sector interventions to mobilise private participation in low carbon development: 20 questions toolkit

Working papers

Written by Shelagh Whitley

There has been an increased focus on the importance of the private sector in low carbon development (LCD) and the need for public sector interventions to mobilise the private sector to become involved in this respect. This Working Paper lays out a ‘20 Questions Toolkit’ for those in the public sector who are involved in designing interventions at the project and programme level, to assist them in effectively engaging the private sector.

The 20 Questions Toolkit is laid out in stages (A through E) so it can be applied in sequence during the design phase of a given intervention (see figure below). Where good practice exists for addressing a given question, specific examples and resources are provided.

The Working Paper is a first step in a planned work stream to develop the framework further, through its application to existing interventions, for possible benchmarking purposes, and to assist in the design of new projects and programmes going forward.

We would greatly appreciate feedback on the list of questions, and suggestions of additional examples of good practice that can be added to the Toolkit. There are a great many actors working within a variety of sectors and countries who have extensive experience designing, reviewing and implementing public sector interventions to mobilise the private sector, whose knowledge is vital for the refinement of this Toolkit. This includes representatives of the private sector, the development finance community and governments, along with researchers and academics. We would also welcome the opportunity to trial the 20 questions approach with governments and development organisations that are currently in the process of designing interventions.

Shelagh Whitley and Karen Ellis