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Country experiences with decentralised climate finance: early outcomes

Research reports

Written by Adriana Quevedo, Neil Bird

Hero image description: South Gonder, Ethiopia Image credit:Kieran Dodds/Panos Image license:© Panos

This Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters Programme (BRACED) research study explores whether public investments made by government-led climate funds in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali and Senegal are building climate resilience that responds to locally determined priorities. The climate fund in Ethiopia is a centralised, national fund, whereas in Kenya, Mali and Senegal public funding is delivered through decentralised finance mechanism, which are the same in design.

With a focus on the principles of effectiveness and equity, the evaluation of a small sample of investments in each country has allowed an exploration of three questions:

  • How is climate resilience being defined and measured at the national and sub-national levels?
  • What outcomes have been achieved from climate finance investments, and what can be learnt?
  • To what extent does the level of government involved in the investment decision-making process affect the outcomes of activities that aim to strengthen climate resilience?
South Gonder, Ethiopia
Image credit:Kieran Dodds/Panos ~ Image license:© Panos
Adriana Quevedo, Neil Bird, Aklilu Amsalu, Florence Crick, Achiba Gargule, Omeno Suji