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Carbon rights in REDD+: Policy note

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Leo Peskett

One of the main debates in REDD+ surrounds the issue of ‘carbon rights’– an issue that has arisen because REDD+ leads to the consideration of carbon as potentially new form of property in tropical forests.

Furthermore, some approaches to REDD+ may make it possible for different actors to benefit from the transfer of these rights, for example, through carbon trading. REDD+ could present new financial and other opportunities for poor and vulnerable people.

However, they may also face new risks if more powerful actors move to secure rights to benefits from emissions reductions or if they are excluded from REDD+ systems because they are unable to meet the requirements of emissions trading systems.

This policy note summarizes what carbon rights are, how they are relevant in REDD+ and the main implications that could arise for poor and vulnerable people.

Leo Peskett and Gernot Brodnig