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Adolescents in Jordan: education and learning

Briefing/policy paper

Written by Nicola Jones

Hero image description: Adolescent girl in Jordan. Photo: Natalie Bertrams/GAGE Image credit:Adolescent girl in Jordan. Photo: Natalie Bertrams/GAGE

The Jordanian government – together with international development partners – has made considerable strides in meeting the global commitment to ‘No Lost Generation’ and in scaling up educational opportunities for refugee populations. By converting hundreds of schools to run double-shifts, and hiring thousands of teachers, the Ministry of Education is providing formal schooling to over 130,000 Syrian children.

Despite efforts, however, a large majority of (70%) Syrian adolescents are not attending secondary school. Approximately 82% of all adolescents want to attend secondary school, just over 70% want to attend university and many would like to eventually have professional careers.

GAGE’s baseline findings, from research with host and refugee communities, highlight the fragility of adolescents’ high educational aspirations and underscores the need for significantly more support if Jordan is to deliver on its new National Youth Strategy’s goal of providing learning environments that are ‘safe, supportive and stimulating’.


Elizabeth Presler-Marshall, Nicola Jones, Sarah Baird with Agnieszka Malachowska