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  1. Human rights education in humanitarian settings: opportunities and challenges

  2. Agency and empowerment for adolescent girls beyond Covid-19

  3. Challenging power dynamics and eliciting marginalized adolescent voices through qualitative methods

  4. Social isolation and disrupted privacy: impacts of Covid-19 on adolescent girls in humanitarian contexts

  5. Covid-19 phone survey (round 2) in Jordan and Palestine

  6. Through their eyes: exploring the complex drivers of child marriage in humanitarian contexts

  7. ‘The first thing that I fear for my future is lack of rain and drought’: climate change and its impacts on adolescent capabilities in low- and middle-income countries

  8. Adolescents’ experiences of Covid-19 and the public health response in Jordan

  9. ‘I have nothing to feed my family…’: Covid-19 risk pathways for adolescent girls in low- and middle-income countries

  10. ‘Every action counts’: why the humanitarian sector needs to fast-track inclusion

  11. Exploring the impacts of Covid-19 on adolescents in Jordan’s refugee camps and host communities

  12. Adolescent well-being in Jordan: exploring gendered capabilities, contexts and change strategies

  13. Jordan baseline survey 2017/18

  14. Adolescents in Jordan: psychosocial well-being

  15. 'Even though I am blind, I am still human!': the neglect of adolescents with disabilities' human rights in conflict-affected contexts

  16. The untold story of water in climate adaptation. II. 15 countries speak

  17. Adolescents in Jordan: freedom from age- and gender-based violence

  18. Adolescents in Jordan: voice, agency, mobility and social cohesion

  19. Adolescents in Jordan: health, nutrition and WASH

  20. Adolescents in Jordan: education and learning