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A Policy Research Network in Cambodia: COSECAM

Working papers

Working papers

This research project was contracted by the Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) programme of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). The aim of the project was to produce a case study of one NGO network in Cambodia as a preliminary study of the effectiveness of the network model within the country, in terms of influencing policy and carrying out its own mandate. The project uses the function/form framework (as detailed by the RAPID website to identify: i) the functions of the network; ii) the network’s structure and how this affects its functions; iii) the ways in which it attempts to carry out its functions; and iv) its successes and failures to do so. In assessing the network’s form (structure), the research assessed one of the factors of the external environment in greater depth (social and cultural milieu, particularly trust). This was to be done against the background of the effects of distrust in Cambodia on the network’s ability to carry out its mandate.

Roo Griffiths and Ly Vichuta