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  1. What aid actors need to know about social cohesion in displacement: a Tanzania case study

    Case/country studies

  2. Navigating narratives in Ukraine: humanitarian response amid solidarity and resistance

    Working papers

  3. Sudan’s conflict – civil society and the war between the generals: key takeaways from a roundtable with Sudanese and international experts

    Meeting/conference reports

  4. Beyond survival: exploring wellbeing in humanitarian action

    Literature reviews

  5. The Grand Bargain in 2022: an independent review

    Research reports

  6. Proposals for a safety net in Afghanistan: Developing humanitarian transfers for resilience

    Briefing/policy papers

  7. Community engagement, protection and peacebuilding: reviewing evidence and practice

    Journal issue/article

  8. Linking social protection and humanitarian assistance: Guidance to assess the factors and actors that determine an optimal approach in a displacement setting. A toolkit


  9. Reproductive justice, sexual rights and bodily autonomy in humanitarian action: what a justice lens brings to crisis response

    Working papers

  10. Leadership of protection in the humanitarian sector

    Briefing/policy papers

  11. Anticipatory action and disaster risk finance: Guiding the setting of humanitarian targets

    Research reports

  12. Social cohesion in displacement: the state of play

    Working papers

  13. Advocating for the better protection of civilians: from stagnation to action

    Research reports

  14. Lessons for peace: engaging with Afghanistan after four decades of conflict and one year of new Taliban administration

    Briefing/policy papers

  15. Humanitarian action in an evolving Russia–Ukraine conflict: virtual roundtable, 15 September 2022

    Meeting/conference reports

  16. Climate change, conflict and displacement: five key misconceptions

    Briefing/policy papers

  17. Changing gender norms in displacement: Venezuelans in Bogotá, Cúcuta and Pasto, Colombia

    Working papers

  18. Key findings: social protection responses to forced displacement


  19. Women leading local humanitarian response during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Working papers

  20. Inclusion and exclusion in humanitarian action: findings from a three-year study

    Research reports