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  1. One-stop border posts in East Africa: impact on transport costs and issues for further analysis

    Research reports

  2. One-stop border posts (OSBPs): an assessment of the economic and social impact

    Research reports

  3. Strengthening inclusive social protection systems for displaced children and their families

    Research reports

  4. Tax expenditure reporting in Rwanda and Uganda: challenges, practical guidance and lessons learnt

    Working papers

  5. Social media and inclusion in humanitarian response and action

    Working papers

  6. Intergovernmental fiscal transfers, equity and service delivery: lessons from Uganda

    Working papers

  7. Equity of local government health financing in Uganda

    Working papers

  8. Youth enterprise growth: evidence from Youth Forward in Uganda

    Research reports

  9. Livelihoods and markets in protracted conflict: a review of evidence and practice

    Literature reviews

  10. Young women in the agricultural sector in Uganda: lessons from the Youth Forward Initiative

    Research reports

  11. Surveying livelihoods, service delivery and governance - baseline evidence from Uganda


  12. Promoting commercial forestry in Uganda: the experience of the Tree Biotechnology Programme

    Research reports

  13. Report on the tax policy-making process in Uganda

    Research reports

  14. Ag‑platforms as disruptors in value-chains: evidence from Uganda

    Research reports

  15. Public narratives and attitudes towards refugees and other migrants: Uganda country profile

    Case/country studies

  16. The mental landscape of post-conflict life in northern Uganda

    Research reports

  17. Disruptive technologies in agricultural value chains: insights from East Africa

    Working papers

  18. Historical lessons on gender norm change, with case studies from Uganda and Nepal

    Briefing/policy papers

  19. 'We can change our destiny': an evaluation of Standard Chartered’s Goal programme

    Research reports

  20. Safe ride: tackling gender norms and preventing sexual harassment on public transportation