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Yue Cao

Research Associate

  • Climate and Sustainability
Portrait of Yue Cao

Yue has nine years of research and technical assistance experience working on climate finance, climate risks and adaptation, infrastructure analysis and Chinese development finance for think tanks, consultancies and multilateral organisations. His current work supports the access and delivery of climate finance in countries affected by the double vulnerabilities of climate and conflict, the formulation of the equity and justice principles in the global climate finance architecture, the establishment of the new climate finance goals post-2025, and improving urban resilience in small cities and peri-urban centres.

Prior to joining ODI, Yue worked in infrastructure analysis with the ITRC consortium at the University of Oxford. He previously worked on economic and climate policy for China Policy in Beijing and the Turin World Affairs Institute in Italy. Yue also has experience working on sovereign debt at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Yue holds an MSc in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford, an MA in International Economics from the Berlin School of Economics and Law, and a BSc in International Development and Development Economics from Sapienza University. An Italian national, Yue is fluent in Italian, English, Chinese and has conversational German.

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