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Veronique Barbelet

Research Associate

Humanitarian Policy Group

Portrait of Veronique Barbelet

Veronique Barbelet is a Research Associate with the Humanitarian Policy Group. Prior to this, Veronique was a Senior Research Fellow with HPG focusing on inclusion, localisation, protection and displacement. Veronique worked with Geneva Call, a Swiss NGO engaging armed groups on humanitarian issues and was a Policy Officer at the World Food Programme for protection in food assistance. Veronique holds a PhD from the Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit of the University of York in the UK where her research focused on humanitarian engagement with armed groups and peace processes. French-English bilingual, most of Veronique’s research concentrates on East, Central and West Africa as well as the Rohingya and Syrian crisis.

  1. Inclusion and exclusion in the north-east Nigeria crisis

    Working papers

  2. Local humanitarian action during Covid-19: findings from a diary study

    Working papers

  3. Conflict, instability and hunger: breaking the cycle in the Central African Republic

    Meeting/conference reports

  4. Inclusion strategy and roadmap: outcomes from the inclusion priority topic at the 2021 Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week

    Meeting/conference reports

  5. Interrogating the evidence base on humanitarian localisation: a literature study

    Literature reviews

  6. In search of inclusive humanitarian responses

  7. Inclusion and exclusion in humanitarian action: the state of play


  8. Collective approaches to communication and community engagement: models, challenges and ways forward

    Research reports

  9. Collective approaches to risk communication and community engagement in the Ebola response in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

    Research reports

  10. ‘All eyes are on local actors’: Covid-19 and local humanitarian action

    Briefing/policy papers

  11. ‘Every action counts’: why the humanitarian sector needs to fast-track inclusion

  12. Implementing the IASC Guidelines on inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action

    Briefing/policy papers

  13. Adolescent refugee challenges under Covid-19


  14. The Rohingya response in Bangladesh and the Global Compact on Refugees: lessons, challenges and opportunities

    Working papers

  15. Collective approaches to communication and community engagement in the Central African Republic

    Research reports

  16. The Global Compact on Refugees: lessons from Bangladesh

    Briefing/policy papers

  17. Rethinking capacity and complementarity for a more local humanitarian action

    Research reports

  18. Pursuing disaster risk reduction on fractured foundations: the case of Chad

    Research reports

  19. Rohingya refugees’ perspectives on their displacement in Bangladesh: uncertain futures

    Research reports

  20. Localising emergency preparedness and response through partnerships

    Research reports