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Towards more inclusive, effective and impartial humanitarian action

Briefing/policy paper

Written by Veronique Barbelet, Oliver Lough, Sarah Njeri

Failing to include people who are marginalised and discriminated against is not a failure of inclusion but a failure of humanitarian action. Humanitarian actors’ commitment to impartiality requires a focus on prioritising the most urgent cases and non-discrimination. Evidence shows that humanitarian responses often fail to effectively assist and protect those most urgent cases. They can also further exacerbate existing marginalisation and discrimination.

Based on a three-year study on inclusion and exclusion in humanitarian action, this policy brief outlines the changes and steps necessary to move towards more inclusive, impartial and effective humanitarian responses. It calls for recentring humanitarian action on effectiveness, relevance and impartiality by adopting a strategic vision for tracking exclusion and supporting more inclusive humanitarian action.