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Sarah Opitz-Stapleton

Research Associate

  • Global Risks and Resilience
Portrait of Sarah Opitz-Stapleton

Dr Sarah Opitz-Stapleton is a Research Associate in the Global Risks and Resilience programme. She works at the intersection of climate services, social vulnerability and risk analysis for climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction programmes in Asia and Latin America. Sarah has a PhD in Environmental Studies and MS in Hydrology Civil Engineering.

Sarah focuses on identifying social vulnerability and multi-hazard risk factors to provide science to support socially responsible decision making. She also conducts climate modelling and analysis to understand potential climate risks to human health, sustainable development and urban water supply. Sarah was the Chief Scientific Advisor to the Adapting to Climate Change in China Project (ACCC Phase I and II).

Sarah previously worked with ISET-International on multiple projects, including the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network and leading Water, Urbanization and Climate Change in Jaipur, India.

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