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‘See for yourselves, London’

Written by Hanna Alder

Londoners will get the chance to see and hear for themselves how parts of their contribution to the UK’s aid programme are spent from the people who benefit, thanks to a ground-breaking photography exhibition to be held at the OXO Tower gallery on the South Bank from 24th -28th April.

Developing Perspectives is a series of photographs and digital photo stories taken by people in five countries who have been receiving direct cash transfers from the UK government.  Some of the photographs have been taking using sensory photography which allows blind people to use cameras effectively.

Some of the stories include:

  • Jaime, a blind widower in his late 40’s from Mozambique who was able to use his cash transfer to connect his house to the electricity supply and ensure regular hot meals for himself and his two sons.
  • Mukulu, a 13 year old Kenyan schoolgirl who’s family used their cash transfers to fix the leaking roof of their home and buy shoes for her to walk to school in.

ODI’s Hanna Alder said:

“This exhibition will help to bring policy alive for people who might otherwise be sceptical that aid can make a difference to people’s lives in a meaningful way.

“Cash transfers are not only critical to enabling the poorest and most vulnerable in society to meet their basic needs, but they are also key to increasing people’s sense of self-worth, dignity and control over their lives.”

The stories are very powerful and will give plenty of food for thought for Londoners who attend.”

Click on this link to see Jaime and Mukulu’s stories

Visit the Transforming Cash Transfers website.