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The seaweed industry is worth more than $5 billion annually and supports millions of families in coastal communities around the world – and especially in developing countries, where 95% of the world’s seaweed supply is cultivated. However, outbreaks of seaweed disease and pest infestations are having catastrophic socio-economic impacts on the communities that rely on its production.
GlobalSeaweed* seeks to safeguard the future of the seaweed industry in developing countries, through improved research capabilities and knowledge. Scientists from seven international research institutes will work to provide solutions and training in disease prevention.
ODI’s Research and Policy in Development programme will look at the wider socio-economic context of seaweed production in developing countries. We will seek to better understand the current and future contribution of the seaweed industry to poverty reduction, gender equity and economic growth in low-income countries, and will work with the seven international research institutes to link their research to relevant policy debates.
GlobalSeaweed* is run by the NERC International Overseas Fund, led by the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS). It is funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund


Anne Buffardi, Josephine Tsui, Virginie Le Masson, Amanda Jones, Louise Ball