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Virginie Le Masson

Research Associate

  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
  • Global Risks and Resilience
Portrait of Virginie Le Masson

Virginie is a human geographer by training, with research interests in the social dimension of climate change and disaster risks. Her work applies concepts of vulnerability, resilience and adaptation, gender inequality and environmental sustainability.

Virginie holds a PhD in human geography from Brunel University (UK). She works with different programmes at ODI and actively contributes to inter-disciplinary research to explore the politics and societal impacts of climate change and disaster risks. With a background in disaster risk reduction and keen interest for mountain environments, her research has increasingly focused on the social vulnerability of societies and gender considerations: why some populations are more exposed and more likely to suffer from climate change? What are the societal factors that create disaster risks and undermine the resilience of people?

Her more recent work integrates concepts of social justice, gender equality and human rights to understand how responses to disaster risks and climate change can be more appropriate and effective. With regular assignments in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, Virginie collects empirical evidence and collaborates with civil society organisations, NGOs or the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, to facilitate trainings and inform more equitable climate and development programmes and policies.