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EDFI Impact Conference 2021: call for essay contributions



As part of the 2019 European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) Impact Conference, EDFI and ODI published an essay series on the impact of development finance institutions (DFIs) on sustainable development. It included 18 contributions from conference participants and other interested individuals.

In response to the positive reaction to the 2019 essay series, ODI and EDFI are once again collaborating to publish a 2021 essay series. This publication will target the wider development community and will be published on the ODI website in May 2021 and will also be widely disseminated through ODI and EDFI networks.


The 2021 essay series will focus on the themes of this year’s EDFI Impact Conference:

  1. catalytic effects of gender-smart investing (Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5);
  2. climate finance impact and related developmental concerns (SDG 13);
  3. harmonisation of impact management and reporting.

The essays can cover reviews in the areas above, or specific examples of impact studies (e.g. those commissioned by EDFIs) or address methodological issues which can advance our thinking and understanding in these areas. Considering the impact of Covid-19 on developing economies, essays which consider these issues in this light are especially encouraged.


  • EDFI and ODI encourage interested authors to indicate their interest by 31 January 2021 to Samantha Attridge, Senior Research Fellow ([email protected])
  • Essay drafts must be submitted to Samantha Attridge by 19 March
  • EDFI and ODI will notify whether the essay has been accepted for publication by 20 April

Any questions should be directed to Samantha Attridge. Please note contributions are not renumerated.

Structure and format of essays

Word count: the essays should number around 1,000 to 1,500 words maximum.

Short biography: please include a short biography (maximum of three sentences) for each author.

Short abstract: please include a short abstract.

Short introduction and conclusion: please include short introduction and conclusion paragraphs to outline and summarise main points.

Sub-headings: the body of the essay should be divided by sub-headings where possible. All referenced material must be included in a list at the end. Essays should provide new insights and/or important observations; they should not be used to highlight previous work.

References: all in-text references should follow the author–date system, e.g. (the author’s surname, date) and the full reference in a reference list (Harvard style) at the end.

English: please use UK English spelling, with -ise endings.

Figures and tables: please limit use of figures (i.e., display items such as graphs, charts, maps and tables) to one. Figures and tables need to be numbered and titled. If used, authors must supply raw data files at time of submission of essay. This will enable the recreation of figures.