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  1. Trade and financing strategies for the new NICs: The Zimbabwe case study

  2. El Programa SAFIRI MITI - un Nuevo Enfoque al Manejo de los Recursos Naturales en Zonas Comunales de Zimbabwe

  3. Zimbabwe: Protracted Relief Programme (PRP) Output to Purpose Review

  4. The performance of the seed sector in Zimbabwe: An analysis of the influence of organisational structure

  5. Economic and Ecological Carrying Capacity Implications for Livestock Development in the Dryland Communal Areas of Zimbabwe

  6. People in planning in Malawi: Lessons from the APAC Programme in Eastern and Southern Africa

  7. Testing the State Building Framework

  8. Le programme MITI de la SAFIRE – une nouvelle approche en matière de gestion des ressources naturelles dans les zones communales au Zimbabwe

  9. Governments, Farmers and Seeds in a Changing Africa

  10. The SAFIRE MITI Programme ñ a New Approach to Natural Resource Management in Communal Areas of Zimbabwe

  11. Institutional support for sustainable rural livelihoods in southern Africa: Results from Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa

  12. Zimbabwe Case Study on Trade Negotiations

  13. The impact of non-governmental organisation (NGO) poverty alleviation projects: Results of the case study evaluations

  14. Zimbabwe Emergency Food Security and Vulnerability

  15. Comments on Pdn Papers 29a (Abel and Blaikie 1990) And 28b (Scoones 1989)

  16. Encouraging sustainable smallholder agriculture in southern Africa in the context of agricultural services reform

  17. Vulnerability, poverty and coping in Zimbabwe

  18. Zimbabwe and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

  19. Making the link between micro and meso: learning from experience of Community-based Planning (CBP)

  20. African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) export diversification: The case of Zimbabwe