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Counter terrorism

  1. Beyond the Union: a new platform for European cooperation

  2. Gender and violent extremism: four points for coordinated action on the C/PVE agenda

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  11. HPG Integrated Programme 2017–19: understanding local response in crises

  12. Strengthening access and proximity to serve the needs of people in conflict

  13. UK humanitarian aid in the age of counterterrorism: perceptions and reality

  14. Banks’ fear of breaching counter-terrorism laws hinders the work of UK charities in Syria – new report

  15. Talking to the 'other side': Humanitarian negotiations in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile, Sudan

  16. Aid and the Islamic State

  17. From the Spanish civil war to Afghanistan: Historical and contemporary reflections on humanitarian engagement with non-state armed groups

  18. Humanitarian negotiations with armed non-state actors: key lessons from Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia

  19. Humanitarian Exchange 58: Humanitarian Negotiations

  20. Al-Shabaab engagement with aid agencies