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Women's participation in peace and security: normative ends, political means

Briefing/policy paper

Written by Pilar Domingo, Tam O'Neil, Marta Foresti

Briefing/policy paper

​Gender issues are enjoying a renaissance within the international development community, with notable momentum around the threats to women posed by conflict and violence. How to promote the role of women in peace and security, and how to address violence against women and girls, are now two of the top priorities for the international community. The challenge gender advocates face is to transform international commitments into real gains for women at national level. This briefing draws on recent ODI research and evaluation to review opportunities to promote women’s political participation and leadership in transitional and post-conflict settings, assess current international efforts to do so, and provide recommendations for policy and programming in this area.
Pilar Domingo, Tam O'Neil and Marta Foresti