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Tam O'Neil

Research Fellow

Portrait of Tam O'Neil
<p>Tam specialises in the politics of governance and institutional reform in sub-Saharan Africa and in women&rsquo;s empowerment.</p>

Tam specialises in the politics of governance and institutional reform in sub-Saharan Africa, and in women’s empowerment. Her recent research areas include parliaments and political participation, legal empowerment, and local governance and service delivery. Tam has participated in several large-scale thematic evaluations and policy reviews. She was also one of the managers of a two-year project to support Dutch Embassies to carry out applied political economy analysis (Strategic Governance and Corruption Assessments).

  1. Putting #adaptdev into practice on gender, conflict, health and learning

  2. Using adaptive development to support feminist action

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  3. Women and power: overcoming barriers to leadership and influence

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  4. Women and power: representation and influence in Malawi's parliament

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  5. The power to decide: women, decision-making and gender equality

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  6. Record gains for women in UK election, but only quotas can bring gender parity

  7. Women’s voice and leadership: assessing the evidence

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  8. Support to women and girls’ leadership: a rapid review of the evidence

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  9. Do digital information and communications technologies increase the voice and influence of women and girls?

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  10. Doing legal empowerment differently: learning from pro-poor litigation in Bangladesh

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  11. Parliamentary strengthening: our verdict on the International Development Committee report

  12. Progress on women's empowerment: from technical fixes to political action

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  13. The politics of legal empowerment: legal mobilisation strategies and implications for development

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  14. Delivering services in Malawi: what prospects after the elections?


  15. Will the new government and local councils improve service delivery in Malawi?

  16. Women's participation in peace and security: normative ends, political means

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  17. Fragmented governance and local service delivery in Malawi

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  18. The contribution of UN women to increasing women's leadership and participation in peace and security and in humanitarian response

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  19. Making sense of the politics of delivery: our findings so far

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  20. Mind the gap: lessons learnt and remaining challenges in parliamentary development assistance

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