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Trade facilitation: Rapid Evidence Assessment

Research report

Written by Yurendra Basnett, Isabella Massa

Research report

​A Rapid Evidence Assessment follows a particular methodology which consists of a structured literature search and selection process. Subsequently, a quality assessment of the studies that met pre-set inclusion criteria is carried out according to the guidance provided in the UK Department for International Development’s How to Note: Assessing the Strength of Evidence. This quality assessment forms the basis for a synthesis of the selected evidence.

The key findings of this Rapid Evidence Assessment on trade facilitation are: 

  • Trade facilitation reduces trade costs and increases trade flows; 
  • Improvements in infrastructure, customs efficiency and regulatory environment have the greatest impact on trade; 
  • The effectiveness of trade facilitation interventions is context specific; 
  • Impact evaluations and case studies help to highlight what works best, where and why, and can contribute to better design of trade facilitation interventions.
Yurendra Basnett and Isabella Massa