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Resilience Scan: April-June 2015

Research report

Written by Aditya Bahadur, Thomas Tanner, Florence Pichon

Research report

​This Resilience Scan summarises writing and debates in the field of resilience during the second quarter of 2015, focusing primarily on the context of developing countries. The Scan will be of particular interest to those implementing resilience projects and policies and those seeking summaries of current debates in resilience thinking. 

It comprises summaries of:

  • Insights from resilience experts in international development agencies: presenting a summary of individual conversations with resilience experts based in a variety of international development agencies, highlighting the benefit, the challenges and the forward agenda for the resilience field.
  • Analysis of recent blogs on resilience: analysing the top 25 blogs on resilience published in the first half of 2015. Many have strong links to the international agreements under negotiation in 2015.
  • Reviews of the academic and grey literature: reviewing literature from policy and practice in this quarter reveals a strong representation from theoretical/framing perspectives, as well as sectorbased approaches to resilience.


Thomas Tanner, Aditya Bahadur, Florence Pichon, Hani Morsi