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PRSP Institutionalisation Study: Final Report. Chapter 8: Institutionalising the PRSP Approach in Rwanda

Research reports

The Rwandan PRS process is justifiably viewed with optimism concerning the importance of its influences and its ultimate benefits. Rwanda seems likely to become a ‘model’ example of how the various theories of good practice in PRSP/CDF ideology can achieve beneficial change.

But much of this optimism concerns future developments that will be dependent on other factors such as further progress towards peace, stability, reconciliation, decentralisation, and the establishment of a Constitution and democratic governance. External financing agencies have yet to make to make the required radical alterations to the way they finance and interact with government agencies. There will need to be continued improvements in budgetary control, forecasting, and prioritising, particularly through close linkage of the PRS and MTEF processes.  

Fred Golooba Mutebi, Simon Stone, Neil Thin