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PRSP Institutionalisation Study: Final Report. Chapter 6: Institutionalising the PRSP Approach in Mali.

Research reports

The preparation of the PRSP in Mali is seen basically as an IFI conditionality to obtain debt relief. The existence of a previous UNDP-driven National Poverty Alleviation Strategy (SNLP by its French acronym), launched in 1997, created problems at the start of the process.

At the beginning, the IFIs rejected the use of SNLP as a basis for elaborating a PRSP. SNLP is now accepted as one of the inputs to the PRSP. Nevertheless, both processes continue, SNLP being formally considered a part of the PRSP. The lead institution for the PRSP is the Ministry for Economy and Finance (which includes the former Ministry of Planning), while the Ministry of Social Development manages the SNLP.  

Idrissa Dante, Jean-François Gautier, Mohamed Ali Marouani and Marc Raffinot