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Political Science? Strengthening science–policy dialogue in developing countries

Working papers

Written by Harry Jones, Nicola Jones

Working papers

This study provides a multi-layered analysis of the science–policy interface in developing countries. It draws on work carried out by the ODI's RAPID programme and a number of partners, commissioned by SciDev.Net, a knowledge intermediary working towards improved uptake of scientific and technological information in development policy and practice.

The analysis looks across North and South to focus on three broad questions: What is the patterning of relationships between scientific researchers, policy decision-makers and intermediaries in developing country contexts? What are the challenges and opportunities for strengthening these linkages? What types of strategies exist or could potentially be adopted to improve evidence-informed policy processes?

The findings confirm the need to tackle systemic barriers to institutionalising evidence-informed policy processes in the field of science, technology and innovation for development. They also shed light on ways in which the quality of policy dialogues on science and technology could be strengthened in order to enhance their value for pro-poor sustainable development policy and practice.

Nicola Jones, Harry Jones and Cora Walsh