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Policy Brief | Rapid assessment: Food and nutrition security in Mali

Case/country studies

Written by Leigh Mayhew, Sarah Opitz-Stapleton

Hero image description: Salad traders in Garoule market, Mali. Image credit:© Irina Mosel / ODI Image license:CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This policy brief presents a snapshot of the findings in Mali of the main report ‘Rapid assessments of the hunger-climate-conflict nexus: first assessment', published by ODI for Action Against Hunger.

Through 45 interviews and 18 focus groups, the researchers examined the layered impacts of fragility, conflict and climate shocks and stresses on food and nutrition security in three communities in Timbuktu Cercle (Tomobuctou Region): Arnassaye, Hondo Bon Ababer and Tintelout. Arnassaye and Hondo Bon Ababer are agricultural communities, and Tintelout is agropastoral. We also asked how people were coping with impacts and what assistance they would like. The perspectives of women and men were sought (separately), as well as those from people living with disability or illness, or caring for a disabled or ill person.

This brief and related report will support Action Against Hunger's regional project, ‘Multisectoral humanitarian response to the deteriorating nutrition situation focusing on severely affected crisis contexts in sub-Saharan Africa’. The project aims to improve the nutritional status of crisis-affected populations in seven countries, and to informs better ways for aid agencies to tackle the impacts of ‘layered crises’, where long-term fragile governance and conflict, compounded by recurring shocks, reduce people’s resilience and food security. More information about ODI's contribution to this work, and links to the other reports, can be found here.

Authors: Mary Allen Bello, Leigh Mayhew and Sarah Opitz-Stapleton