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Pastoral development network papers 1981–1985



Pastoral development network papers 1981–1985. Articles include:

  • Organization, structures and ranches in Kenya
  • Vets – barefoot and otherwise
  • Impressions of Chinese pastoralism
  • Cattle herd structures in Kenya’s pastoral rangelands
  • Dam groups in Botswana
  • Pastoralists as animal health workers: the range development project in Ethiopia
  • Overgrazing in Swaziland? A review of the technical efficiency of the Swaziland herd
  • Pastoral systems in arid and semi-arid zones of China
  • Organizations and procedures in group ranch development in Kenya
  • Group ranches in Africa
  • A pastoral commune on the ordos plateau – the Sumitu commune
  • Stock limitation: any economic alternatives for Botswana?
  • The management of communal grazing in Botswana
  • Local institutions and management of communal resources lessons prom Africa and Asia
  • The productivity of Sahelian rangelands – a summary report
  • The effects of the development approach on long term establishment of a grazing reserve in northern Nigeria
  • Herders and farmers or farmer-herders and herder-farmers?
  • Pastoral Fulani reaction to grazing reserve development: the case of Ruma-kukar-jangarai, kaduna state, Nigeria
  • Traditional concepts of animal disease and treatment among Fulani herdsmen in Kaduna state of Nigeria
  • Principles of selected credit systems for livestock production and development
  • Financing animal health services in some African countries
  • The integration of pastoralism and semi-mechanised farming: the example of an Eritrean experience in eastern Sudan
  • Pastoralist ecology in Ngorongoro conservation area, Tanzania
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