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Modern slavery and adolescence: A rapid evidence review

Literature reviews

Written by Caterina Mazzilli, Rachel George, Diana Jiménez Thomas Rodriguez, Fiona Samuels

This evidence review assesses existing academic and grey literature on adolescent experiences of modern slavery in all the seven GAGE countries. We focus on all forms of modern slavery present in each country, connecting them to broader dynamics and drivers of modern slavery such as migration, conflict, poverty, and family dynamics, with a specific focus on gender.

We then look at existing international and national legal frameworks in place to tackle modern slavery, and review evidence of four types of initiatives (preventive, remedial, rescue, legal/policy). We provide information on their different scopes and aims, and an overview of how they have worked so far. We conclude by providing a set of recommendations for program design and delivery, policies, and research.

Authors: Caterina Mazzilli, Lauren Eglen, Rachel George, Diana Jimenez Thomas Rodriguez, Priliantina Bebasari and Fiona Samuels