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Linking values and research evidence for policy advocacy: the journey of the Indonesian forum for budget transparency

Working papers

Written by Arnaldo Pellini

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia but ranks only 88th (out of 167 countries) in Transparency International’s 2015 Corruption Perception Index. Anti-corruption reforms in Indonesia have been slow due to inefficiencies in public funds spending. Since 1998, the government has been trying to address these issues with the involvement of non-state actors.

The Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (SEKNAS FITRA) is a policy research and advocacy organisation that has played a prominent role in enhancing budget transparency in the country. This working paper describes how it has evolved to become a key non-state actor in this arena. By linking policy research and advocacy it has contributed to a more systematic use of ‘research as ammunition’.  

This research was conducted by the Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI), which is a joint programme between the governments of Indonesia and Australia. It seeks to improve the lives of Indonesian people through better quality public policies that make better use of research, analysis and evidence. KSI is a consortium led by RTI International, in partnership with Australian National University (ANU), Nossal Institute for Global Health and ODI.

Inaya Rakhmani, Arnaldo Pellini and Yenti Nurhidayat