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Green recovery M&E: technical note

Briefing/policy paper

Written by Neil Bird

Briefing/policy paper

This paper was written for the technical working group of the Climate Support Facility (CSF) to develop the impact and outcomes narrative of a green recovery. It does this by describing a theory of change for green recovery that can be used in the work of the CSF and other agencies, together with impact and outcome indicators for assessing progress.

The Climate Support Facility (CSF) is a multi-donor trust fund managed by the Climate Change Group of the World Bank. The CSF has two strategic priorities, the first of which aims to help countries build a carbon-neutral, climate-resilient recovery from COVID-19. The Green Recovery Initiative (GRI) is a program dedicated to delivering on this objective. A Technical Working Group (TWG) has been established by the CSF to develop knowledge for robust monitoring and evaluation of green recovery efforts. The technical note is the first output of the TWG.

Authors: Neil Bird & Christina Hamada