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Freetown Waste Transformers: A study of private sector innovation in the waste management sector in Africa

Case/country studies

Written by Joevas Asare, Anna Bailey-Morley

Image credit:Illustration of Freetown City Council’s solid waste management workforce and programme

This case study looks at the approaches and innovations of private sector waste management companies, including in relation to their access to finance. The focus is on Freetown Waste Transformers (FWT), chosen for its pioneering role as a waste-to-energy company in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and its successful experiences leveraging both public and private investment.

We share the experience of practitioners who have worked closely with the business to help it access the finance needed to grow. Through profiling FWT and its innovative DortiBox digital application, we hope to share the lessons learnt with other waste management companies and city administrations that want to create an enabling environment for those operating in the waste sector.

This research has been carried out in partnership with ARK Group International, a global support network that works with impactful small growing businesses across Africa to access catalytic grant funding and private finance for sustainable growth.