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Digital Public Infrastructure: Mitigating new forms of exclusion to enable tech for all

Briefing/policy paper

Written by Stephanie Diepeveen, Diane Coyle, Sumedha Deshmukh

Briefing/policy paper

Investment in digital public infrastructure offers opportunities for economic and social progress, but catalysing these and ensuring the benefits of a data-driven economy are widely shared requires the development of appropriate models of governance and regulation. This is important not only for the implementation of rights, such as privacy and agency over data, but also for realising opportunities from new data-based services. This brief considers the challenges and trade-offs involved in two areas that are increasingly reliant on data-based services and are of fundamental importance in people’s daily lives: transport and finance. It concludes that there is a meaningful leadership and co-ordination role for the G20 in ensuring a just technological transition and recommend some specific policy actions.