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Appropriate ownership models for natural product-based small and medium-sized enterprises in Namibia

Research report

Research report

This report begins by analysing the different functions, actors and relationships that together make up a product value chain. It goes on to look more specifically at the market opportunities that exist for natural products. Based on an analysis of 10 case studies from around the world, it then draws lessons for how to approach the promotion of natural product-based enterprises in Namibia. Overall it is argued that Namibia should have the confidence to build on its growing body of expertise, its unique set of plant resources, and the excellent coordinating mechanism represented by the Indigenous Fruit Task Team, to move ahead rapidly and develop a thriving natural product-based sector. While the strategy needs to be differentiated and allow for promotion of products for the domestic market that will help a few people in a small way, its main focus should be on attracting high-level investment into innovative technology to produce products for the much larger international market.

Kate Schreckenberg